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Forklift pirgje kartoni me cilësi të lartë

Advantages Of Our ForkLift

1.Wide View Mast, Hydraulic Transmission
2.Xinchai Engine,ISUZU Engine, NISSAN Engineand Mitsubishi Engine,etc.
3.Standard Backrest
4.Long-Life Tires,Toyota Seat
5.TCM Technology
6.Good Looking Appearence,Strong Stucture
7.Side shifter,fork positioned,blocks,bale clamps etc.



1.Trade terms:FOB,CFR,CIF are available.
2.Delivery time:within 25 received payment.
3.Packing: Nude,by container
4.Warranty:2000 working hours or 12month.

Top Quality Carton clamp Forklift

Top Quality Carton clamp Forklift

Detaje të shpejta

Gjendja: E re
Vendi i origjinës: Fujian, Kina (kontinent)
Emri i markës: HUAMAI
Lloji: Kamion paletë me energji elektrike
Power Souce: DC Motor
Kapaciteti i vlerësuar i ngarkesës: 3000kg
Max. Lifting Height: 4250mm
Min. Lartësia e ngritjes: 120 mm
Gjatësia e pirunit: 1070 mm
Gjerësia e pirunit: 125 mm
Overall Dimensions: 2705mm*1225mm*2075mm
Certification: CE,SGS
Shërbimi pas shitjes i ofruar: Mbështetje e palëve të treta jashtë shtetit në dispozicion
Qendra e ngarkesës: 500 mm
Max. lifting heigh: 3000mm
Free lift: 150mm
Max Travelling Speed(full load): 18km/h
Lifting Speed(full load): 450mm/s
Lowering Speed(full load): 450mm/s
Turning raduis(outside): 2445mm
Min. right angle stacking aisle: 2925mm
Truck weight(no load): 4300kg
Model: k25

Kapëse kartoni

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Carton ClampMaximize Storage Space by Eliminating Pallets

The ITE Carton Clamp is an attachment that mounts on the elevating carriage of a lift truck. Designed for palletless handling operations, it can be utilized in practically any application where cubed loads of cartons or boxes must be handled. Compared to pallet loads, clamped loads can be moved faster and more safely, and can be stacked higher, straighter and closer together. Also, by reducing the stacks of pallets kept in stock, you can free even more valuable storage space.

To clamp a load, the lift truck operator opens the pads of the carton slightly beyond the width of the load, then moves the clamp forward until the pads fully enclose each side of the cubed load and the load touches the face of the backrest. The operator then manipulates the control lever on the truck, causing the clamping pads to close. A constant, even pressure holds the carton securely in transit, and keeps the cartons evenly stacked.

High-Quality, durable components and superior construction make the ITE Carton Clamp dependable and long - lasting. A narrow clamp body, along with thin arms, provides excellent visibility for the operator to accurately position the clamp for proper load hauling. Thin arms also allow easier entry between loads, while the smooth outer arms prevent damage to adjacent loads. The high strength, steel design ensures rigid support and even distribution of clamping force across load surface.

Horizontally grooved rubber provide superior gripping while reducing required clamping force. Pads are reversible and interchangeable to equalize wear and extend service life.

The heavy-duty, open -design backrest allows excellent visibility and ensures solid load support and propeer alignment.

Specifications: (Aluminum Pads with Bonded Rubber Facing)

Numri i pjesësCapacity (lbs.)Openimg Range (in.)Madhësia e jastëkut
L x H (in.)
Weight (lbs.)LLCCG
HCC2-30[email protected]20-7030x48102512.5
HCC2-36[email protected]20-7036x4811255.213
HCC2-42[email protected]20-7042x48122513.5
HCC3-36[email protected]20-7036x48127514
HCC3-42[email protected]20-7042x4813756.114.7
HCC3-48[email protected]20-7048x48147515.5
HCC4-42[email protected]25-7542x48165016.
HCC4-48[email protected]25-7548x4817506.716.7
HCC4-54[email protected]25-7554x48185017.5
HCC5-48[email protected]25-7548x48202517.2
HCC5-54[email protected]25-7554x4821257.518.2
HCC5-60[email protected]25-7560x48222519.2


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